Katsumi Kimoto is an experienced artist, art curator and art dealer. He’s been well known in Vancouver, BC, in particular in the area of South Granville’s Art Gallery Row. Katsumi was previously the Director of the Douglas Udell Gallery on West 6th Ave, from 2003-2005, and was the lead sales associate at the Ian Tan Gallery on Granville Street, from 2006 to 2011. He has also been curating and managing some large corporate and private art collections in Vancouver, BC. Being an artist himself, Katsumi brings a unique perspective to the gallery, understanding both sides of the business. 

Jiali Kimoto, Katsumi’s wife, is a multi-faceted designer with over a decade in the industry, and was most recently a lead designer with a major international brand. Together, this husband and wife team are embarking on this new journey and creating a unique gallery space here in Vancouver, BC. 

One of the goals at KIMOTO GALLERY is to offer the best fair market values available on original artworks. The gallery offers both accessible artworks for first-time buyers and art lovers, along with highly sought-after artworks by established and senior Canadian and International artists for the seasoned collectors.

Katsumi and Jiali are extremely excited to select and showcase the artwork of many of their talented peers and artist friends, “We’ve been watching so many artists and artist friends develop over the years, and we’ve been both impressed and amazed by the skill and often genius of their work. And now we have the opportunity to bring these unique artworks to collectors in Vancouver and abroad. We are confident that these talented and hard-working artists' works will not only look great on your walls, but will also be sound investments for the future."


In the ten years that I have known Katsumi he has always demonstrated an incredible work ethic. He has a vast knowledge of the art world, both in the creative and the business side. I trust and value his advice greatly. 

Will RAFUSE, Artist

A piece owned by the artist Katsumi is a wonderfully magical thing, and made more special when you know that it was wrought by a very special guy.

Wendy, Art Advisor

Having a deep understanding of art and its histories combined with a keen sense of professionalism, Katsumi Kimoto is easy to work with and always the consummate professional. He has the ability to set both artists and collectors at ease thereby making what can be, at times, an ethereal business entirely accessible to all. He is a pleasure to work with.

David Wilson, Artist

I've known Katsumi for almost a decade. During his time working in galleries in Vancouver he has blended professionalism with openness and a sincere willingness to help artists and patrons. His ability to communicate with artists offering enthusiastic guidance is second to none. When talking with patrons or new gallery visitors he approaches with amicable delicacy. He is a welcome and much needed professional in the art scene.

Marion Webber, Artist, Educator, Consultant

It has been my pleasure working with Katsumi in the past. He is one of the few gallery people I have worked with able to balance his aesthetic with sales with an eye towards the needs of the artist. I have watched him speak with patrons, impressed as I was, they were more so. I've taken much of what I've seen from Katsumi to heart and it has better enabled me to bridge the gap between artist and patron. I very much look forward to working with him again.

Arvid Wangen, Artist