ONLINE RELEASE Tuesday, May 14 10:00am PST

Scott Sueme’s paintings broadly follow a rubric of energetic interaction, where the juxtaposition of two colors is meant to create what he refers to as an “edge”: two off-whites, a pale and warm variant of the same hue, or two colors that match in value but clash in tone, for example. While color quality makes up the main subject of his work, Sueme’s recent compositions speak to an ongoing investigation of balance and arrangement. As form and colour are composed, we experience their interactions as moments of playful conversation, where elements vibrate with one another and settle in harmony.

Habitatrefers to a living ecosystem - with painting there can be this balance and natural order to things. Central to my focus with this new series is the notion that there is a definitive purpose for each stroke, colour or form, while in the same breathe there is still an unknown. A sense of curiosity as to why these things feel orderly when they are composed in such a way.”