In Search of Imagination: A Local Experience


Friday evening, April 5, 6–9pm



April 5 – 27, 2019


The local landscape forms an important part of Jim Park's practice. Park sees paint as a language; the memory of lived experience merges with the pictorial possibilities on the canvas. His paintings are records of this merging - memory, perception, and emotional experience made real.

While he draws inspiration from photographs, sketches, and field notes, his works are deeply sensitive to his connection with dream states. His images thus exist as a form of personal collage. He invents and synthesizes as much as he represents. This dynamic between fact and imagination presents a compelling visual paradox through Park’s pieces: we can see both the photograph and the dream.

This balance of spontaneity and attention in the finished work is also a reflection of Park’s process. Its vein runs strongly through his work: the simplification of a visual idea, encouraging quick reading for immediate impact. Under Park’s considered practice, the impact is also lasting.