With this new collection of works, Yorke Graham has sought out vintage and scrapyard finds, trash and treasures, as a way to revisit the past and reimagine it for the present. Exploring both invention and recollection, the pieces have come to life in amusing and unexpected ways.

“I love how the materials I find, have their own history and backstory, and how with some revisions, I work them into a new piece, to give birth to a new story. Although the process of creating an organic subject from inorganic, somewhat harsh components, can be challenging, it is very rewarding.”

Yorke’s passion to explore the new possibilities of the antiquated materials he uses, ignites his ability to mold, weld and weave each creation with a new identity.

It is Yorke’s aspiration that this exhibition will inspire you to revisit your own treasured memories, to view discarded objects in a new light and to ultimately bring a smile to your face :)

Tokyo or Bust, 2017


Tokyo or Bust, 2017

Vintage typewriter parts, bike horn and street sign

14.25 x 19.25 x 5 in (36.20 x 48.90 x 12.70 cm)